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For any client questions about purchase licenses or activation code, thanks to contact us on the Webshop Contact Form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- What is a donationware and what is the licensing policy?

- Is the license permanent?
Yes, the license is permanent for a given PC configuration.

- Can i move my license to another PC?
Yes if it's a donationware without activation code, otherwise you may use your REGEN option to generate another activation code for your other PC.

- If i buy a Potato license, do i get a license for Voicemeeter Banana too?
Yes, Voicemeeter Potato package installs Voicemeeter Standard and Voicemeeter Banana and you can consider having a license for both if you purchased a Potato License. If their popup appears to invite you to donate again, you may click on "I Already made a donation" on bottom left of the dialog box.

VB-Audio Forum

Use our Forum to find response or create your own subject to describe your case precisely and get help!

WARNING! forum registration requires manual activation. You have to contact us after registration to let us activate your account by your USERNAME.

Frequently Viewed Topics:

- How to Install or Update Voicemeeter ?
- Any Audio problems after WIN10/11 update.
- Voicemeeter generates static or makes a robot sound.
- Bad Driver Installation, What to Do?
- Cannot Re-install Voicemeeter.
- How to Optimize latency in Voicemeeter.
- How the Potato Challenge Code works?
- Voicemeeter Version History.

Video Tutorials

Voicemeeter Installation and first setup:

Voicemeeter Banana Installation and first setup:

Voicemeeter Potato Installation and first setup:

How to make Movie Dubbing with Voicemeeter:

How to use an ASIO device correctly with Voicemeeter:

How to setup Voicemeeter Banana with Zoom and others:

Many Video Tutorials about Voicemeeter or VB-CABLE are available on Youtube! We have selected some of them in our Voicemeeter / VB-Cable Video Tutorial Playlist


- Online Voicemeeter User Guides (new!).
- Voicemeeter User Manual (PDF).
- Voicemeeter Banana User Manual (PDF).
- Voicemeeter Potato User Manual (PDF).
- VB-CABLE User Manual (PDF).
- MT128 Reference Manual (PDF).

Invitation to VB-Audio Discord Server

VB-Audio Discussion Forum

Voicemeeter Remote API

With Voicemeeter API, Voicemeeter can be used as Audio System Component to manage audio under Windows and can also be cconsidered as Virtual Audio Board to develop audio applications.

Voicemeeter Remote API will allow to take advantage of all Voicemeeter functions by program:
- Audio device aggregation (to Mix different audio recording devices to several playback devices).
- Application interconnection (thanks to virtual audio device and virtual ASIO driver).
- All audio interface support (MME, KS, WASAPI, Direct-X, and ASIO).
- VBAN protocol to send /receive audio to any computer of a local network.
- Control All Audio Processing provided by Voicemeeter (EQ, Gate, Comp...).
- Process 3 different internal streams (all channels synchronized) from voicemeeter through AUDIO API.

  Download Voicemeeter Remote API package (free for any kind of projects).
  You can also get Voicemeeter Remote API SDK on GitHub

VB-Audio Voicemeeter Audio API

VBAN Protocol

The VBAN Protocol is a simple, public and free protocol to transport PCM Audio, MIDI and TEXT in real time on a local network.

Download: VBAN Protocol specifications document by V.Burel
Discussion: VBAN Protocol Forum

VBAN PROTOCOL Open Source Project for Linux:
- VBAN-Receptor / VBAN-Emitter by Benoit Quiniou GitHub
- VBAN-Receptor to pipe (Pulse Audio) by 004helix GitHub
- VBAN WEB interface to manage VBAN on Linux by: VBAN-manager
- VBAN-Receptor/Tansmitter as Electron.js application by: SystemDisc
- VBAN-Receptor on ESP8266 core for Arduino by: flyingKenny
- VBAN-Plug-in for Elgato Stream Deck by: burdoto
- VBAN-Receptor/Tansmitter in python by: TheStaticTurtle
- VBAN-Receptor for Squeeze devices by: markusbuschhoff
- VBAN Implementation in Node JS by JMJBower
- VBAN protocol in node-js by thib3113
- VBAN Stream Server by Windsdon

Other projects:
- VoiceMeeter integration for the Elgato Stream Deck device by BarRaider
- A Python API to Voicemeeter by chvolkmann
- Voicemeeter-remote as a Node.js wrapper by Mikatux
- Voicemeeter-remote Node.js wrapper by ChewbaccaCookie
- Voicemeeter-API wrapper in C-sharp by tocklime
- Voicemeeter Fancy OSD by A-tG

VBAN Packet Structure

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